Word Ladder Challenge Workbook Grades 4-5

Word Ladder Challenge Workbook Grades 4-5

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Word ladders activities offer children the opportunity to play with words and language while building reading and spelling skills. Children increase their vocabulary, too, as they use clues to determine new words and gain confidence, rung by rung. Word ladders are loads of fun, too!

  • How do word ladders work? Start with the word on the bottom rung of each ladder.
  • Add, delete, or change one to two letters on each rung above. Use the clues to determine the new word.
  • Write in the missing letter or letters in the blank boxes.
  • Continue working your way up the ladder until you reach the top!
  • If you get stuck, just check the answer key in the back!
  • Our Word Ladder Challenge Workbook for Grades 4-5 includes riddle clues as part of the fun on every fifth ladder page throughout.
  • Workbook includes 60 word ladders!
  • Full color throughout.
  • Thick, quality paper supports crayons, pencils, markers, and more.
  • Pages are perforated for easy removal.
  • Pages are reproducible, too.
  • Sturdy paperback binding.
  • Activity book measures 8-1/2'' wide by 11'' high.
  • 68 pages.
  • Happy climbing!

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