Sour Punch Pickle Roulette
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Pickle Roulette Straws are making a comeback! Yes, you have a chance to satisfy your pickle candy cravings. Each tray is full of well-hidden pickle straws, so don't be afraid to take a gamble. Dive into the pickle pool today!
Savor the experience of satisfying a pickle craving with these deliciously soft and chewy straws. Each tray offers you the best flavors of green candy: Green Apple, Lemon-Lime, Watermelon and of course, PICKLE. Pickle straws are hidden in every bag, so grab one and taste to test your luck. About 4.5 servings per platter and only 110 calories per serving. SOUR PUNCH candies are low in fat and low in sodium. Take a bite of the gourmet action and dive into the PICKLE-maniac universe with Pickle Roulette Straws!

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