Playmobil 123 Everyday Heroes
Playmobil 123 Everyday Heroes
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Play set consisting of fire engine with "driving sounds", adjustable traffic light for learning the first traffic rules and emergency ambulance.
Police officers, firefighters and doctors are the heroes of our everyday lives. Whenever a person is in distress, they immediately rush to help. With his sleek motorcycle, the firefighter is always on the scene in a flash and extinguishes any fire in no time. The doctor arrives in her emergency ambulance, the doctor's case safely stowed in the trunk tray. Meanwhile, the policeman secures the scene of the accident and sets up a warning triangle. Then he regulates the traffic at the traffic lights. With the loving PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 playsets, children aged 1.5 years and older can start out in the big colorful PLAYMOBIL world and experience their first role-playing games. The three learning levels that build on each other promote fine motor skills, creativity, language development, cognitive understanding and social skills. The set contains three PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 figures, 1 motorcycle, a doctor's vehicle, a traffic light, a warning triangle and many other extras. A slider on the side allows the traffic light to be set in three different positions.
For ages 1.5+.

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