Palm Pals Tommy Ketchup™ 5" Plush

Palm Pals Tommy Ketchup™ 5" Plush

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Their wee size is a perfect fit in the palm of your hand, Palm Pals are under stuffed pals that are lovely to hold and squish! Their one-of-a-kind design makes it easy to balance in the palm of your hand.

Tommy is really good at all kinds of board games, due to always wanting to follow the rules. As the regular host of game night, all Palm Pals know where to go for a good time. Tommy is usually unbeatable, except when he plays Newton, then its a challenge!

Tommy is a bright red plushie shaped like a ketchup bottle, complete with a cozy fabric "cap" on top.

I'm all about keeping it clean and fair, whether were playing board games or deciding who gets the last fry, you can count on me to make sure the rules are followed!

.How I was made:

  • I am approx.  4" x 3.5" x 5" in size
  • I'm made from high quality materials for a soft, fluffy touch.
  • I hold bean pellets suitable for all ages to ensure my quality and stability.
  • I fit in the palm of your hand!

Ages 3+

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