P.S. Tell No One

P.S. Tell No One

P.S. Tell No One

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A frank, funny and necessary story about navigating the physical and emotional realities of puberty.

When four friends have their phones confiscated in class, Sunny (not her real name) comes up with the idea of a secret shared journal, where they can share thoughts and pass them on. The pages of the book they jokingly refer to as the P.A.D. (pass-around diary) become filled with sweet, funny, sharp and important insights about navigating middle-grade life — friendships, crushes, consent, bodies, parents, siblings, periods, sports and more.

What began as a lighthearted way of passing notes becomes a place to explore and share big and small feelings and events — a safe way for Sunny, Twix, Hoops and MP to find themselves and support one another through the transitions of a grade seven year.

In the tradition of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, this novel is a fearless exploration of the lives of tween girls, and how they find answers to questions that continue to feel impossible to ask.

ISBN 9781443194013
Ages 11-13

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