Klask 4 Player

Klask 4 Player

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Slide! Dodge! Strike! Score! Now with 4 players, raise the stakes with an action-packed battle that just got more epic. The magnetic gameplay of KLASK is unique, exciting and like no other game out there! This awesome action-packed battle will have everyone in the room playing again and again. Move quick but be tactical too, KLASK demands fast hands and even faster thinking!

1 x KLASK 4 Board

2x Board Supports/Legs

2 x Orange Balls

7 x White Magnets (aka Biscuits)

4 x Striker & Steering Magnet (Pairs)

4 x Scoring Markers

1 x Rule Book

Everyone starts with 5 lives and the game ends when one player reaches 0. Whichever player has the most lives left at that stage takes the victory!

There are 4 ways to lose a point!

  1. If the orange ball ends up in your goal and stays there (if the ball bounces out, the game continues)
  2. If 2 (or 3) white magnets stick to your striker
  3. If you lose control of your striker and can’t gain control again by using the steering magnet
  4. KLASK! If you steer your striker into your own goal a point is lost, even if you manage to escape

Your brand new KLASK almost comes fully assembled and has everything you need to play along with a couple of spares! No tools necessary for assembly, the legs just slot into the holes on the bottom of the KLASK 4 board

Ages 8+, 4 Players

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