Kidoozie Pound-A-Ball Tower

Kidoozie Pound-A-Ball Tower

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Unleash a rainbow avalanche of balls! The Pounding Tower's wacky levels wind and twist, sending those vibrant spheres on a mesmerizing tumble, creating a spectacle that will light up any toddler's eyes.

Every satisfying "WHACK!" builds tiny hands into mighty skills, boosting dexterity and hand-eye coordination as they learn to aim and pound. But the fun doesn't stop there! Three vibrant balls ignite a colour craze, sparking imaginative play and endless adventures. Different track levels keep little hands busy exploring cause and effect, while the happy clatter and giggles fill the air. And the tower's open-ended design lets creativity take flight – combine it with other toys to build epic towns, race balls down toy roads, or use it as a launchpad for boundless playtime scenarios.

Ages 1+

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