Etch-A-Sketch Classic
Etch-A-Sketch Classic
Etch-A-Sketch Classic
Etch-A-Sketch Classic
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Draw, create and shake to erase.

Let's chart a path to a more sustainable future together with the Etch A Sketch Pocket sustainable drawing toy, the original magic sketch for boys and girls ages 3 and up. Made with 86% recycled plastic, this legendary, planet-friendly toy has stimulated creativity for over 60 years and delights young and old alike by allowing them to express themselves by creating and drawing. Create and have endless fun with the Etch A Sketch's magical screen that you simply shake to erase. Draw, create and erase easily by shaking and stimulate your imagination for hours. No batteries, charging or cable needed. The Etch A Sketch Pocket toy only needs your child's imagination. Whether you're looking for a screen-free activity, a nostalgic gift, or a way to spark your kids' creativity, the Etch A Sketch Pocket is the ideal drawing toy for young artists and creative minds. Bring home this classic, durable drawing toy to let your child's imagination run wild.

  • Left knob draws left and right; right knob draws up and down. Turn both knobs together for angles and curves!
  • When you're done, turn over and shake to erase — then, start the fun all over again!
  • No batteries required.

For ages 3+.

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