Can You Imagine?
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Where do ideas come from? Everywhere!

Our hero, a pig, contemplates his empty canvas — he doesn't have any new ideas. Not knowing what to draw, he sets off to find inspiration.

Does he really go somewhere? Or is it just in his mind? That’s up to the reader! The books shows his fantastic journey through unusual places, both surreal and every day, with so much to explore on every page. After a time, our hero heads home, full of inspiration. On his canvas, he starts to paint something that was always close to home, but that now thanks to his creative exploration, he sees in a new light.

Full of humour, whimsy and wisdom, Can You Imagine? is a jumping-off point for thinking about where to find ideas (everywhere!), taking in the world around you, and listening to yourself to find your creativity.

 Ages 3+

ISBN 9781443170437

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