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Burger ASAP

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DON’T MISS AN ORDER! In Burger ASAP, each player has their own set of ingredient cards for making burgers! Players race to arrange their ingredient cards in the proper way to recreate the requested burger. A very fun way to exercise your speed and your memory!

Eye catching packaging that looks like a real burger box!
Easy rules that make it great for young players!A little game with tons of strategic depth
An adddictive game where you want to be the first to succeed !

In this fast matching game, take your set of double sided ingredient cards and start making burgers! Race to flip the cards and arrange them in the proper order to recreate the recipes one at a time and earn points based on their difficulty level.

Before starting a game, players pick a level of difficulty (there are 3 levels) and place the corresponding Order cards in the center of the table. Each player takes the 7 ingredient cards of their color. When the first Order card is flipped, players race to position their ingredient cards to match the burger(s) illustrated on the order. The first player to complete the order wins the order card at play. This is not just a matching game… It's also a puzzle: the 7 cards are all double sided, there is only one way to position them to match an order, cards can overlap and cover half of another card and all 7 cards must be used each time!

The game includes 55 Order Cards, 35 Ingredient Cards

For 2-5 players, ages 7+. 

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