Biggies XXL Inflatable Dragon Plush
Biggies XXL Inflatable Dragon Plush
Biggies XXL Inflatable Dragon Plush
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Biggies Inflatable Plush Dragon Soft Toy are the coolest super size mega plush toys. They come in a closed box and grow and grow until they become giant plush balls. They are covered in the softest material for them to be perfectly huggable. They perfectly combine a soft plush and a funny giant ball.

When they are inflated, they can grow to 10 times their original size. The plush comes in a mystery box, you must peel off a sticker to reveal a pump, and you must pump it until the plush starts growing, you must keep pumping and you will see that the plush is getting bigger and bigger, until the box breaks and the character is revealed with a cool pop effect.

The opening experience becomes part of the playing process. Biggies are reusable, they can be deflated and easily stored. There are four different Biggies versions available, characterised with the coolest animal designs.

Watch the 'How To' video on our YouTube channel:

  • Made with soft, super huggable material
  • Toy inflates to 10 times its original size
  • Contents: 1 x Biggies Inflatable Plush Dragon Soft Toy
  • Dimensions: 26L x 24W x 26H cm


Ages 5+


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