Bambzball Game

Bambzball Game

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Bamzball is played by 2 Teams of 2- 5 players. Opposing teams decide who starts offense or defense. Set up the field – 15″ x 15 Square with the Scoring Ring set up in the center. Once the ball is in play – TEAM 1 players can move anywhere outside the square/cones. TEAM 2 Defense can move anywhere inside the square trying to block shots and/or passes to get the ball back. – then switch to offense to try to score. The OBJECT is to throw the ball through the center ring (either side) TO SCORE.

Play Tips:

HOW TO PLAY – Bamzball is played with two teams, with 2 to 5 players on each team. Make the court by arranging cones in a large square, usually 15” x 15” (5m x 5M). The scoring ring is set up in the center of the square. Goals can be scored either side goal.
Offensive team stays outside the cones and passes the balls to their teammates to get into position to throw the ball through the goal. Defense try’s to block the shot or get ball possession- and the teams switch positions. The first team to 13 points wins!


  • PLAY ANYWHERE – Bamzball is perfect for the backyard, the beach, and the park! Ideal for a few friends, groups, parties, reunions, schools, & outdoor events.
  • FUN ACTIVE GAME FOR 4 TO 10 PLAYERS ages 5 – 20+ Great for multiple ages as their are 2 ball sizes, and scoring ring’s height can be lowered for younger ages. 1 target with pole and ground stake, 5 cones and storage bag. Ages 5+
  • EASY TO LEARN – Back yard gamers, and newbies alike can pick up Bamzball quickly. Like basketball, teams alternate possessions and try to throw the ball through the ring to score.
  • EVERYTHING TO PLAY IS INCLUDED: Adjustable heavy duty 72″ pole, 21” diameter ring, premium ground stack anchor to secure into the grass or sand, 2 Inflatable balls 5″ and 7″ (depending upon player’s hand sizes), 4 cones, air pump and rules.

For Ages 6+, 4+players

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