5 Surprise Mini Brands NBA Ballers
5 Surprise Mini Brands NBA Ballers
5 Surprise Mini Brands NBA Ballers
5 Surprise Mini Brands NBA Ballers
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Draft, trade and collect with 5 Surprise NBA Ballers. Score a slam dunk in every capsule. Each capsule includes 1 of NBAs elite players including rare figurines that are frozen in epic game time celebrations! If the game goes your way, you might find an ultra-rare city edition figurine! Each figurine comes complete with a player poster and miniature basket ball as well as 2 epic surprises. Will you unbox the hoop and launcher or ultra-rare golden trophy? There are 30+ Ballers to collect, get ballin' now to collect them all!

  • Official NBA Collection: Collect over 30 your favourite NBA players like Luka Dončić, LaMelo Ball, Jayson Tatum, James Harden and Kevin Durant!
  • Rare Frozen Moments: Discover epic players frozen in game time celebration!
  • City Edition Jerseys: Hunt down the ultra-rares to find Lebron James and Stephen Curry in their City Edition jerseys!
  • Surprise Accessories: Unbox epic accessories like the basketball hoop and launcher, jersey stickers or the ultra-rare golden trophy!
  • Build your Court: Each rare and common NBA Ballers capsule comes with a piece of a basketball court puzzle. Collect them all to build your court!

Recommended Age 3+

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