Hitster The Musical Party Game
Hitster The Musical Party Game
Hitster The Musical Party Game
Hitster The Musical Party Game
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Create an instant party with HITSTER, the music card game of the century!

Listen to over 100 years of amazing hits, take turns arranging them in chronological order on your music timeline and create your trip down memory lane.
The first player to collect 10 hits is crowned the HITSTER

HITSTER is the perfect game for an evening with lots of laughing, singing, dancing and sharing memories. Simply open the box, scan a song card and let the music do the rest to create an instant party. So what are you waiting for?

How to play:
1. Pick a music card and scan the QR code with the free Hitster app to automatically play it in Spotify
2. Guess when the song was released by placing it in the right position of your music timeline.
3. Flip the music card. If correct, you keep the music card to build your timeline.

Tip: add the Hitster tokens into the mix for an even more exciting game

With more than 300 of the greatest hits HITSTER will create an instant party for everybody…guaranteed!

Everybody is invited for the HITSTER party! Super easy rules and no game set-up gets the party started in no-time. Simply scan a card with the free Hitster app and the music starts playing automatically in Spotify, isn't that cool?

16+ years / 2-20 players / 30-60 minutes

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