Bakugan - Starter Pack Generation 3 Series 1

Bakugan - Starter Pack Generation 3 Series 1

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Spin your Bakugan with the all-new customizable Starter 3-Pack Bakugan set.

This set of Bakugan Battle Brawlers comes with 1 Special Attack (Spinning) Bakugan, 2 Rolling Bakugan, a rip card, XL rip cord, and multiple cards. Use the XL rip cord or rip card to spin your Bakugan or roll your Bakugan on the Gate Cards to watch them transform with the iconic pop open transformations. Use the Character & Special Attack Cards for new stats to level up your gameplay. Bakugan shakes up the fun with new and returning characters, awesome detailing and new Bakugan Clans for awesome storytelling and strategic battles. Each Bakugan set includes a special code to use in the online game, Roblox for new ways to play and interact. 

 Ages 6+


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