Not It! Castle Land

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In Not It! you join the fun in a magical land as Knights, Princesses, Unicorns, Wizards, Dragons and Ogres play together in the castle yard.  When the King rolls the dice out of the castle door you must find a card in your hand that does NOT match...the more cards you find in one game, the more likely you are to WIN!  Spot the card that does NOT match!  Do it fast...Do Not be last!

To play, deal your adversaries 5 cards each and pick a King (who rolls the dice by dropping all three down the slot in the dice tower); when the dice come out, everyone tries to play a card from their hand that doesn't match any of the dice (color, role, or background pattern) and then exclaims "NOT IT!" Whosoever plays the wrong card shall be caught by the King in which case the King will decree they draw an extra card.

The first of His Majesty's subjects to get rid of all of their cards wins!

Ages 6+, 3-6 players